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Acoustic Concrete Tester (ACT)
The Acoustic Concrete Tester
The Acoustic Concrete Tester

The Acoustic Concrete Tester (ACT) is a concrete thickness gauge that measures the concrete thickness of pavements, slabs, retaining walls, foundation footings and tunnel linings. This nondestructive testing instrument also identifies flaws such as delaminations, voids, and spalls.

The ACT is precise, light, battery operated and rugged for field use in all weather conditions. It works for concrete structures from 75 to 900 mm thick.

The ACT uses Ultrasonic Echo Technology. It electronically generates a broadband pulse that includes all frequencies required to accurately determine the thickness of the structure.

The ACT eliminates coring or excavation, and easily self calibrates the concrete wave speed prior to the test. It only takes seconds to measure the thickness of the concrete

Measuring thickness with the ACT consists of placing two small probes on the structure to be tested and touching the ACT screen. A telescoping pole helps test hard to reach structures. As the structure responds to its natural frequency, its thickness is displayed on the high visibility ACT screen. The ACT also calculates the wave speed of structures of unknown thickness.

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