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TEMP (Thermal Evaluation of Mass Pours)

TEMP (Thermal Evaluation of Mass Pours) is a system that measures temperatures in various points of a mass concrete pour, as the curing cement generates heat.

The TEMP system includes a main unit, Thermal Wire® cables, TEMP data loggers and the TEMP-S analysis software.

Thermal Wire cables are fitted with custom-spaced temperature sensors. The copper cable is cast into the concrete, often tied to the reinforcement.

Each Thermal Wire cable may include any number of sensors, and is connected to a single external TEMP data logger. TEMP data loggers read and store up to 28 days of temperature measurements and are powered by a replaceable battery. There are no batteries on the sensors themselves. Replacing the TEMP data logger battery makes it possible to monitor and store data indefinitely.

Data is transferred from the TEMP data loggers to the TEMP main unit for observation, and then analyzed by the TEMP-S software.

TEMP-S provides the user with graphs versus time of measured maximum temperatures and maximum differences in temperature (Delta). These are presented along with allowable limits. TEMP-S also calculates concrete maturity based on measured temperatures, and helps the user estimate concrete strength based on a user-determined strength-maturity relationship.

TEMP measurements comply with ASTM C1074 - 11 Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method.

Thermal Wire cables: US Patent 8,382,369.

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